Thursday, October 1, 2015

Grab a Cold One at Big Nose Kate's!

A few days ago I stopped in the Big Nose Kate's with my long time friend Ronda for a cold one. Just came across some pic's. Big Nose Kate's Saloon is a present-day saloon where the Grand Hotel once stood. Wyatt Earp, Doc Holliday, and Ike Clanton were a few of the guests who checked into this pretty popular hotel during the 1800s. It was also the residence for “the Swamper,” the hotel’s janitor. It's believed that “the Swamper” never left and is still there protecting his silver he hide in his sleeping quarters in the basement. He lived underneath the Hotel in the basement near the mine shaft that had tunnels underneath the hotel and most of Tombstone. When you go below the saloon to the gift shop you can see the area he may have lived in. No ghost to be seen while staying in Tombstone, but have to wonder if one followed us 16yr dog went crazy and started running for 45 mins straight...leaping over our yard boulders and diving in the pool as well. She had the spirit of a young pup. Now she's back to being the old dog with wobbly hips.

Cowgirl Blondie, Coffee with Wyatt

Wyatt’s Coffee Shop and Hotel is located at 109 South 3rd Street, Tombstone AZ, located on the East End of the Schieffelin Historic District and world famous Allen Street. Situated across the street from the world famous O.K. Corral and the famous 1881 gun fight site and also the 1882 Cochise County Courthouse; the second Arizona State Park, where 7 hangings took place. I went for a hot white mocha coffee...size large of course!  Very nice place and after reading the newspaper, I went out to enjoy the nice Tombstone breeze at a cafe table out front.  Love my morning here!

When Life's got you at the end of your rope, dally off and go left
Coffee Cheers!